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The following subjects are currently available for voting. To place your vote, make your selection for a subject, then click the 'Enter Vote' button. Once you have entered your vote for a subject, that subject will no longer be available to you for voting. Voting results are available on this page for each subject after the final voting date has been reached.

Online Voting Security Features:

- Voting is for members in good standing only
- Only one vote per member per voting subject is allowed by the system
- Voter anonymity… we only tally votes and who voted
- We DO NOT track the preference of the voter, so your vote will always be private
- An email alert will be sent to your address for your records
- Complete voting results are only displayed after the vote has ended
- Website admins cannot alter the vote language or selections after the start date
- Voting database is secured by industry leading database system

No Voting Initiatives Currently Available

Online Voting Results
Note: Voting results are only available after the final voting date.
Results will display for 2 weeks after the final vote date.